Why am I doing this ?
- Interest in finding ways to improve peoples health and happiness while at the same time reduce healthcare costs.
- Interest in finding alternative funding solutions for TransLink to help - move - the region forward.
- Help unclog - "arteries" - as well as streets.
- Concern over the Olympics and the perception that the taxpayer funded costs were not worth the benefits.
- Opportunity to make the Olympic legacy better by helping to solve some big social problems. 
- Help make the Olympics not just a celebration of achievement for the few, but a promotion of health and achievement for the many.

Why me, what is my expertise ?
- Background in marketing, particularly in the computer, communications and information technology sectors.
- Have conducted marketing for two of the largest and most respected Wellness companies in the industry.
- NOTE: neither of these companies are involved with me on this proposal.

 - not just about improving peoples health
 - not just about reducing healthcare costs
 - not just about reducing road congestion
 - not just about reducing air pollution
 - not just about reducing crime
 - not just about reducing crimecare costs
- not just about helping to fund public transit
 - - - But about creating a better society.




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